Step One

Getting Ready

Use these step-by-step instructions to get ready for the Solution.  If you are a beginner in Crypto, these steps are absolutely essential to get started.  If you have a wallet with your XLM already, click this link or the Proceed to Step 2 button below to register as a PennyWise Affiliate.

Obtain a crypto wallet. 

A wallet is an app that is used to store, send and receive your coins. There are many to choose from.  If you don’t have one already, we suggest the Atomic Wallet.  It supports many coins and tokens.  We will only use one coin for the Solution:

  • Lumens (XLM) for your purchases
  • Payment to affiliates is also in XLM

Some new affiliates are fortunate enough to have their sponsors send them the XLM to their wallets. The new member then repays the favor by sending XLM to those they invite. This gives the new member the ability to purchase The Crypto Solution immediately, and keeps the network growing strong.

    Example of an Atomic Wallet

    Purchase Your Lumens (XLM).

    You will need only $6.25 for the Solution.  We suggest having at least $10 worth of XLM to start because of the fluctuations in cryptocurrency prices.

    For beginners, the easiest way to purchase your XLM is to open a Coinbase account.  They will guide you through the process.  Follow this link if you want to know how to get your XLM for free.  Once you have your Coinbase account and your Lumens (XLM), you are ready for the next step.

    Example of a Coinbase Account

    Transfer Your XLM to Your Atomic Wallet.

    Because the minimum XLM transaction on Coinbase is 2 XLM, you want to make your purchases from the Atomic Wallet.  If the price of XLM goes to 14 cents or more, your transaction will fail in the store but your 2 XLM that Coinbase sends will be sent anyhow.  The amount you send must match the price in XLM  exactly. DOUBLE CHECK the numbers before you hit that Send button!

    • Open your Coinbase account.
    • Find and Click on Stellar Lumens.
    • Select the Send button from the buttons on the top of  your screen.
    • Next, open your Atomic Wallet and
    • Select XLM from the list.
    • On the next screen, you will see two buttons at the bottom:  RECEIVE and SEND.  Click the RECEIVE button.
    • On the next screen, click the COPY button.
    • Return to your Coinbase account.
    • Paste the info you just copied into the TO field.  It will ask if you need the Memo field.  You Do Not.
    • Confirm the transaction and your Lumens are on the way.
    • Go back to your Atomic Wallet and confirm that the transaction was received by checking the history menu item on the bottom of the app.

    Congratulations!  You are now ready to join the Solution!

    Your next step is to click the button below.

    If you have not made more than you’ve paid by the end of the first month, we will gladly refund your purchase price of the book.